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The Language, Education and Culture (LEC) Journal is an annual publication which seeks to be a tool for all members of the ELT national and international community. In this platform, pre-service teachers, in-service teachers, teacher educators and academics can share their experiences and research in the fields of English, education, literature, linguistics, and culture.

LEC is a platform responsive to the ELT community's need to disseminate the new knowledge that is being constructed by its members.

We have chosen to share this new knowledge exclusively online only because we are concerned with the environmental needs of our society, therefore, we aim to reduce our carbon footprint to its lowest level.



The LEC Journal Team

Universidad Central de Chile / Faculty of Education and Social Sciences

Campus VKI
Universidad Central de Chile

Universidad Central de Chile


UCEN is a national, private higher education institution with nonprofit purposes, whose commitment to the country drives in the academic training of socially conscious citizens, promoting the values of tolerance, pluralism and equality, respect and acceptance of diversity.



Founded in 1982, UCEN is, along with two other institutions, the oldest private university in Chile. It currently holds a professional institute, regional headquarters in La Serena and Antofagasta and nine faculties which offer 30 undergraduate, diploma graduate, master and postgraduate degrees. The university especially supports research through study centers, research institutes, and an Internal Research Fund, in addition to research work carried out in the faculties and schools.


The School of Educational Sciences
The School of Educational Sciences

Faculty of Education and Social Sciences


The Faculty of Education was created in 1982 with the Preschool Education Program, and later it incorporated other fields of education, reaching up to 7 different programs today.


The programs in the Faculty of Educational  and Social Sciences are

Preschool Education

Primary Education Pedagogy

Special Education Pedagogy

English language and culture Pedagogy

Physical Education Pedagogy

Mathematics and Statistics Pedagogy

Spanish Pedagogy



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The Department of English Pedagogy

This department was founded in the year 2003. Rubén Muñoz Vásquez was the first director and, along with Alejandro Naveas, they designed the first institutional program in 2002. Later on, in the year 2006, the evening program was offered in order to meet the growing demands for teachers of English in our country. The program has complied with the accreditation standards three times, first in 2009, then in 2013, when it received accreditation until the year 2017, and the CNA has accredited the program for another three years, until the year 2020.


Most of the efforts were first placed on the area of teaching, but now we, teachers and students, are eager to participate in the debate about language, education and culture nationwide. This community intends to become a meeting place, where the teachers and students' experiences can be discussed and analyzed in order to attempt some answers to the questions raised not only in the learning-teaching process, but also in the role education must place in the society of the 21st Century.